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Photograph by Candace West

Executive Director & Chairman
Marge Jackson Friend

Richard Bilello

Karen Boyce

General Manager
Lory Chadwick

Dr. Kalissa Grabowski, DVM - Vet in charge
Dr. Bruce Zellmer, DVM

Veterinarian Technicians
Christine Aguiar - Clinical Technician
Michele Emala - Dental Technician
Keith Gerber - Clinical Technician
Elibet Hernandez - Lead Technician
Xabrina Ovalle - Clinical Technician

Jill Cope

Maria Kane

Business Web Developer
Nina Chow

Adoption Director
Jenn Demmett

Adoption & Kennel Technicians
McKenzie Knudsen
Carolina Torres
Tatiana Torres
Chelsea Vaughan
Debbie Ziegler

Clinic Receptionist
Lori Bilello
Diane McKenna