Vaccinations & Wellness Services

We provide many wellness services such as vaccinations, dental cleaning/scaling/extractions, abscess removals, amputation, and more. Please contact us to schedule an appointment for our wellness packages and surgical consultations.

*All appointments and services must be scheduled. We are unable to attend walk-in appointments and/or veterinary emergencies.

Services for Cats

Services for Cats & Kittens

It is never too early for your new kitten or cat to have a wellness exam. We offer many choices ...
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Services for Dogs

Services for Dogs

Our services are not exclusively for cats; we offer them to our canine companions too! ...
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Rabies Tags

Cats Exclusive is complying with the Broward County Rabies Law, and we are in the process of carrying the rabies tags for our clients’ convenience. In the meantime, please visit to purchase your pet’s rabies tag.