Volunteering at Cats Exclusive, Inc


Cats Exclusive has housed over thousands of cats and it would not have been possible without our hard-working volunteers. We participate and host many fundraising events that also would not be possible without our volunteers. By lending their time, effort, and creativity, they have made a difference in finding forever homes for cats. We highly value our volunteers and their efforts and it is a highly rewarding experience.
You must be at least 16 years of age and have the compassion, kindness, and diligence to contribute success to our organization.

Cat Caretaker

Cat caretakers typically start their day at 8 a.m. by cleaning the adoption center and ensuring that each cat has a clean bed, toys, and new food and water. After cleaning, our caretakers are able to help groom and socialize with cats. It is encouraged that caretakers get to know each cat on an individual basis so they may assist with best matching cats with potential adopters.

Fundraising/Public Relations

Helping with special events such as cat shows or even creating fundraisers. Raffles, grant writing, publicity, etc.

Other Skills

Do you have other unique skillsets that can help us? Let us know!

Interested in Volunteering?

Please complete the Volunteer Form and drop it off at our center!