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Cats Exclusive, Inc., is a registered 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to help control the overpopulation and unnecessary euthanasia of cats in our community. We combine trend setting spay/neuter initiatives now established within our own low-cost clinic with the oldest feline adoption center in Broward County. We educate and encourage all aspects of responsible animal care and management.

Shelter Animals Count | The National Database Project

We are grateful for all generous support from people and other animal-loving organizations. These funds help provide lifesaving programs that benefit pets in our community.

Cats Exclusive’s Live Release Rate 2016 was:   83.62%  

This is calculated by using Live Outcomes equal to 291;  Divided by All Outcomes minus Unhealthy and Untreatable Owner Requested Euthanasia of 348. This number was reached using ASILOMAR Live Release Rate Formula.

Review the associated charts for more information.

  • What does Asilomar Live Release Rate tell us: What percentage of animals with an outcome left the facility with a Live Outcome (adoption, return to owner, etc)
  • What does Asilomar Live Release Rate NOT tell us: How Outcomes (All or Live) relate to Intake


2016 Data


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Shelter Animals Count | The National Database Project