October is Dental Month!

Dental Month has been extended at Cats Exclusive, Inc. !

We are offering a 20% off discount in all dental cleanings for cats and dogs during the month of October. The discount has been extended until November!

Dental disease is the most common disease in dogs and cats. Over 68% of all pets over the age of three have some form of periodontal and/or dental disease. Most pets will show few signs of dental disease. Preventative dental care includes brushing teeth, a dental examen and/or prophylactic dental cleaning by age of 4 years old. It is up to the pet’s family and veterinarian to uncover this hidden and often painful condition. Unfortunately, other than bad breath, there are few signs of the disease process evident to the owner. dental_cleaning2

Our dental services include:

  • Physical exam and consultation by our Veterinarian
  • Preoperative blood work to determine your pet’s health and best anesthetic protocol
  • Ultrasonic scaling and polishing
  • Dental extractions (if needed)
  • Antibiotic therapy using periodontal filler
  • Pain management

We are very excited about pet’s dental health and want to educate our clients about the importance of dental care in our pets.

Call our office at 954-975-8349 to schedule your pet’s dental exam today.

Dental month at Cats Exclusive

*Doctor’s exam is REQUIRED
**Bloodwork is REQUIRED for pets over 7 years of age
***Does not include dental extractions