Matching Gift Donations

Many corporations offer their employees the opportunity to double and in some cases, triple, their donations to their favorite charities. They provide matching grants directly to the qualified charities that their employees have supported. Many times these matching programs operate on a quarterly schedule so that any and all donations the employee made during that time are doubled or even tripled through the company’s foundation.

Matching Donations

We know that Cats Exclusive is important to you and we want to thank you for your continued support of our mission. But, we also want to help you get that bigger bang for your charitable budget. These are usually simple programs with few restrictions if any.

Matching gift donationIf you work for a company that offers a charitable matching program, please check out the procedures your company has established that will be posted on either their intranet or on their website. The people in your HR department can be helpful, too.

Check and see if your company offers a matching program


Your Donation$ Dollar$ at work!


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We want to thank you for all your support. It allows us to save many lives all day, every day.  Cats, many cats. And kittens, lots of kittens! Kittens like Newman…

Newman arrived at Cats Exclusive Inc. with a bilateral eye infection and his right eye was ruptured. His left eye was shut closed with purulent discharge. He was examined by our Veterinarian, Dr. Grabowski. Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do to save the ruptured eye. It was imperative to save his remaining eye.  At the Clinic we worked really hard to save Newman’s remaining eye while waiting for him to be healthy and strong enough to undergo an eye enucleation (removal of the eye). He was dewormed, tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV, and vaccinated. Finally, the day of the surgery arrived, his eye was removed and was neutered as well by Dr. Grabowski. His surgery went well and he was a New-Man two week later (therefore his name, Newman! get it?). His remaining eye recovered from the infection and he can see very well!

updateWhat happened to Newman? Well, He found his furever home with a lovely young lady and is planning to have a pleasant holiday!adopted-rescue-cat




Once again we want to thank you for your patronage and donations. Your support and our love for animals are what it keep us going!


Cats Exclusive, Inc.


The Staff and Board of Directors of Cats Exclusive, Inc.