Foster a kitten today!


Fostering is a mutually advantageous way to temporarily care for a cat in need of a home by preparing them for adoption. It is a very unique and rewarding experience to help a cat in need. Foster homes help transition cats into their new future forever home and they also give us insight on their individual needs that may not be as easily identified in the adoption center environment.
By giving your time, home, and energy to a cat in need you are:

  • Preparing the foster cat for adoption by advancing their socialization skills and identifying their individual needs
  • Saving lives by allowing space for the intake of cats at our facility to have a chance for adoption

Cats and kittens can be fostered based on many needs:

  • Kittens under at least eight weeks old need a foster home until they are old enough to have their spay/neuter surgery. They need time to grow and build their immune system. Additionally, this is an excellent time for foster parents to socialize with kittens especially if they were rescued from outdoors.
  • Socialization is a common necessity for cats to be better qualified for adoption. The adoption center environment makes it difficult for under-socialized cats to improve. A home environment with one-on-one training and interaction will help cats be ready for adoption.

Interested in Fostering?

We and the cats would appreciate your help! Please contact our adoption center at (954) 975-8349 or by email at