Leo and the nasal polyp

One sunny afternoon some Hooman came into the Adoption Center and left is such a haste! He just abandoned a small, sick kitten at our lobby without telling anybody and woke me up…How rude! 😾 This orange ball of fur had a severe Upper Respiratory Infection (URI). He was examined by Dr. Grabowski and placed on antibiotics […]

Adorable Little Wyatt

Adorable Little Wyatt!

Wyatt came to Cats Exclusive on a Wednesday, my day off. The clinic and adoption center are closed and I am off-duty. A lady kept tapping the glass and woke me up from my second mid-morning nap….yawnnnn. I asked the Hooman in charge go to see what was this all about. The lady outside was […]

This is Majesty!

Tuesday morning, busy morning at the Cats Exclusive veterinary clinic. It’s TNR day. We get a call from one of our rescuers. A sweet calico kitten at Broward Animal Care needs rescue and veterinary care urgently. She was run over by a car and had a broken leg. Our General Manager, Lory Chadwick and Dr. […]