Wyatt is a sweetheart

Adorable Little Wyatt

Wyatt came to Cats Exclusive on a Wednesday, my day off. The clinic and adoption center are closed. A lady kept tapping the glass and woke me up from my second mid-morning nap….yawnnnn.

I asked the Hooman in charge go to see what was this all about. The lady outside was carrying some sort of of furryish thing, white and buff fur sticking out. Ummm.. a sweater? another blanket for me to sleep in?

Nope…a furry cute little kitten? YESSS…but, but, but he needed help!

Wyatt's progress

One of his eyes was severely injured. The lady that found him had no idea what had happened to him . He was admitted to our clinic and examined by Dr. Grabowski. Unfortunately, his eye could not be saved and needed to be removed. His surgery was scheduled and he did great!

Wyatt and his new mommy, CharityFew days later another nice lady stopped by the center after seeing him on Facebook. It was love at first sight (ummm…). He was too young to go to his new home. Besides, his eye needs to heal completely.


It worked great, she visits him every day until the day he goes home arrives.

Awww, what a happy story, makes me want to purrrrrr….💗



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