Adoption Information

Adopting a cat is an important decision that will affect you and everyone in your household, including other pets at home, and your new cat for many years ahead. Make sure that you consider how a new incoming cat will affect those around you and whether you are able to care, financially and physically, for your new cat. Spend enough time with the cat at our facility to ensure you are making the right selection. Please visit our cats online or stop by our no-kill adoption center often to view all and new cats that are available for adoption!

Adoption Process

To ensure that an adoption is a purr-fect match for you and the cat, the application process may take from 1 to 2 business days as it is thoroughly reviewed. We do not do same day adoptions. We know, a day can feel like forever when you are waiting for the newest addition to your family, but cats can live 15 years to slightly over 20 years, we require you to take that day to make sure its the best decision for everyone involved.

Download Adoption Application (PDF) Adoption Application (PDF)

Adoption Requirements

  • Must be at least 21 years of age. If you are 60 years of age or older and wish to adopt a kitten, you must have a co-applicant under 60 years of age to fill out an additional application form with the understanding that if you should no longer be able to care for the kitten, they would adopt the kitten from you. This age qualification does not apply if you wish to adopt an adult or senior cat.
  • Provide a valid form of identification, such as a license, passport, or state ID, with the current address (if the current address is not on the identification, a utility or rent bill may be used to validate your current address).
  • Renters must provide their landlord’s name and phone number, or a copy of the lease.

Adoption Fees

$100 – Kittens under 12 months
$50 – Cats 12 months and older

Each Adoption Includes

  • Spay/Neuter
  • Deworming treatment, Flea preventative
  • Testing for Feline Aids, Leukemia, and Heartworm
  • One FREE doctor visit within 30 days and 10% off Dr. visits the entire year
  • Up-to-date on all vaccinations (age-appropriate). Some kittens may not be old enough to recieve all of their vaccines; once they leave the center, those vaccines are your responsibility.
  • 30 days of FREE Trupanion Pet Insurance (offered for kittens and cats up to age 13)
  • A discounted rate on AKC CAR Microchips for $9.95! These microchips provide a lifetime pet identification protection.
  • Adoption Application and Guidelines

A “deposit” is defined as at least $20 in cash given to Cats Exclusive to hold a cat/kitten being considered for adoption for the 24-72 hour application process. (If the amount is paid in full in advance, that can be paid in cash or by credit card and act as a deposit.)
A deposit is not valid unless there is an application on the applicable cat/kitten. If an incomplete application is given, you have until the end of business of the day of the deposit to provide the rest of the necessary information, or the deposit becomes invalid.
A deposit holds a cat/kitten from being shown or adopted during the 24-72 hour typical time period it takes to process your application. The 24-72 hours does NOT include our closed business days.
If an application is denied, we DO NOT disclose the reason it has been denied, the entire deposit amount becomes NON-REFUNDABLE, up to $20. If deposit exceeded $20 or was paid for in full, a refund will be given, less the $20 non-refundable amount.
If a deposit becomes invalid for any reason, the monies received as the deposit can still be put toward the adoption of any Cats Exclusive cat/kitten, but the originally held cat/kitten can be shown for adoption.
An application with a deposit for a cat/kitten will always trump an application for the same cat/kitten without a deposit.


We do not take in cats that are dropped off at our facility. As we are a no-kill adoption center space is limited. Please contact our adoption center to ask about surrendering a cat. We would also suggest contacting other rescue facilities in the area.