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Meet Barnes! February Cat of the Month

Barnes was brought to our facility by one of our very dear volunteers who found him and his brother, Noble. Guess where…?  Yep, you got it! They were rescued from the parking lot of Barnes & Noble Bookstores.

He and his brother were brought in around 3 months, unfortunately, since they were both ferals, they had a bit of trouble adjusting to life in the adoption center, Barnes kept to himself most of the times, but he wanted some affection and attention. He will get close to people and as soon as someone tried to pet him, he will run away. Sadly, nobody wants to adopt a cat like that…

Well, here comes Ashley. She has been our volunteer for as long as I can remember, and I have been here for quite awhile. Ashley volunteers one day a week and helps with the cleaning and feedings at the Adoption Center. After that, she spends quality time with all of us by petting and brushing us. We get “treat time” yummy time! and then she plays with everybody.

Luckily, our volunteer Ashley is very observing and noticed how shy Barnes was. She started to give more attention (and treats!) to him, and behold! little by little she helped Barnes becoming more trusting of people. He is a sociable cat that can get along with other cats and wants to be around people.Now when you come to the Adoption Center, he rapidly comes to say “Hi” and be petted by a Hooman.

We want to thank Ashley and all our volunteers. Their love, kindness, and dedication can make a difference in the life of all our cats.

Don’t forget! Valentine’s Day is coming. Barnes is looking for a forever home! Let him be your Valentine. A very happy and playful adult cat, already neutered, dewormed, and up to date on his vaccines. Stop by the Center and say hi to Barnes! What a sweetheart ❤

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Love ~ Shaebug