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Meet Walter! November Cat of the Month

Walter was brought to our facility by a very nice couple who found him, limping around. Apparently, he was hit by a car. Right away, Dr. Grabowski examined him and X-Rays were taken.


His left side femur was broken at the neck. The femur is the longest bone in all vertebrates. The head of this bone contains a big ball that fits into the rounded socket of the hip bone or acetabulum. The neck of the femur is the region just below the ball of the hip joint. That’s where Walter’s leg was broken. He had a femoral neck fracture (Woohoo!! smarty me)


Luckily, he is still a kitten and surgery is not required. He remained in cage rest and pain medications for about 6 weeks to allow a false joint to form around his fracture. Now, he can walk and play, of course, needless to say, NO JUMPING ALLOWED!!


He is looking for a forever home! A very happy and playful kitten, already neutered, dewormed, and up to date with his vaccines. Stop by the Center and say hi! See his profile.


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Thank you so much for your support,Shaebug

Love ~ Shaebug