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Halloween is coming! Submit photos of your pets in their best costumes.

Halloween is almost here and that means it’s time to get festive and spooky! Help me build my Halloween Album. Do you want your cat or puppy to be in my Spooktacular Picture Gallery? It is easy! Just like our Facebook Page and submit a photo of your pet in a Halloween costume to be featured in our Halloween WebAlbum and Facebook feed.

Please include your name, your email address,  your pet’s name, a brief description of the photo in the post content area. Your email address will not be visible in the photo gallery.

By submitting your photo you agree to allow Cats Exclusive, Inc. to use your photo on online or on any other platform. Please submit your photo only once, it will appear in the gallery and Facebook Page once it has been approved.

Since this is my blog; I’m the first one to be featured:

This is me a couple of years ago as a cute pink cowgirl ~Love, Shaebug 

Accepting submissions from now until Halloween!! Let’s have fun! Submit your Halloween pics NOW!

PS: If picture takes too long to upload or get an error message; reduce the size of your picture to 1500px by 1500px

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