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The Summer of Shae, so far…

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! What a summer we are having here at Cats Exclusive. Our clinic and adoption center is bustling with activity, lots of energy, visitors, clients, cats, and kittens.

I have been busy helping out at the center, greeting all Hoomans, taking beauty naps when is busy, having afternoon treats; I barely had any time to write my blog. In the last few weeks, we have got several cats and kittens that needed our help. Since I have so much to tell you; allow me to be succinct and to the point:

Levi now Chloe💗

This cute kitten arrived at the clinic on an emergency basis. Her back leg was caught in a car engine and was badly mangled. After a successful leg amputation and unremarkable recovery; our cute little Levi found her forever home. Here she is with her mom and new feline companion!

Archie & Killian🐾

These kittens were rescued from an industrial park in Pompano Beach. Our very own Adoption Manager Mrs. Maryann coordinated the effort and got them safe and sound to our clinic. They arrived with a terrible Upper Respiratory Infection (URI). It was treated successfully and both kittens recovered quickly!

And by the time this post is published,  Archie & Killian have found a forever home! Thank you to all who donated to the care of these precious babies.

The Black & White Adoption Event🖤⚪️🖤

In less than a month we have adopted out 5 cats/kittens all black and/or black and white. Tuxedo cats are elegant and lovely. Unfortunately, Black cats are difficult to place for adoption… Does anybody knows why???!!! (Hissss…..) Help take the stigma out of black cats and adopt one today!

I still have more stories to tell, but for that; please just wait for my next post. Remember, taking care of cats and kittens requires a tremendous effort and resources.Donate!

Please donate today!

Your contributions allow us to continue saving lives.


Love you all, my dear Hoomans. You are always in my purrs…💗