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Fourth of July Tips

Tips for a safe 4th of July Celebration

Summertime…sandy beaches, fun in the sun. However, summer is the time when many pets are lost while their owners are on vacation or go missing during camping and road trips where they are in a different territory. Fourth of July neighborhood fireworks displays, open doors, distractions at family gatherings are common reasons for a pet to get lost.

The best way to reunite you with your pet in case it gets lost is through a microchip. If your pet is found by animal control or taken to a vet clinic, it will be scanned for a microchip.

During summer, we are offering AKC Microchip with included lifetime pet registration for only $25!

  • Not sure if your pet has a microchip? No worries, our staff will be happy to scan your pet for FREE!
  • Do you know your pet’s microchip? Check your adoption papers and click here for registration information

For more information and to schedule your appointment, please call the Veterinary Clinic at 954-975-8349

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Tips for a safe 4th of July celebration:

  • Here are some suggestions on how to keep your dogs and cats safe this Fourth of July:
  • Make sure your pet has a legible identification tag with its microchip number, phone number, and name on a properly fitted collar.
  • Make sure all of your pets are microchipped and the microchips are enrolled with up to date contact information.
  • Check your fence line for loose boards or openings that your pet could slip through or dig out of.
  • Consider walking your pet on a leash even in a fenced yard during potential problem times in your neighborhood.
  • Take your pet for a walk or play date well before scheduled fireworks start.
  • Keep pets indoors in a small interior room. They may feel safer with a radio or TV playing.
  • Close your windows. Dogs, in particular, can try and get out of the house by pushing out the screen. They will also bolt through a screen door, so keep the inside door closed.


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