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Cat Adoption Center & Veterinary Clinic - Margate, Florida
We did it!
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We reached our goal!

The Saving Pets Challenge has closed and we are happy, thrilled, excited, jumping for joy, doing cartwheels because WE REACHED OUR GOAL!!!💗👍😺😝

We raised over $5,000 and all of it benefits the cats and kittens at the Adoption Center at Cats Exclusive, Inc. This was possible all to you, our wonderful supporters, donors, and adopters. Your generosity and goodwill made this fundraising campaign a total success!

We want to have a special mention to our biggest supporters: Don & Diane Chuppa and their kitty troupe: BW, Schmendahl, and Sweet Pea for helping us meet our goal!

We want to thank all of you and to let you know that every single donation counts. It was a joy to be part of the “Savings Pets Challenge”. A great opportunity to meet new people and reconnect with friends and clients; all united doing what we love and do best: Saving Pets!

Once again THANK U for all your support!

PS: We’ll do it again in 2018. #SavingPetsChallenge#awesome#teamCEI#wedidit