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Shae’s Blog: Mother’s Day Edition – featuring Emma

One cool afternoon in early April, Mr. & Mrs. M (very nice couple!) were brought to attention that there was a female cat who was being fed by an older lady. This kitty seems to be pregnant and neighborhood bullies were abusing her. Mr. & Mrs. M went to the house to get her and brought her to Cats Exclusive, Inc.

She was examined by Dr. Grabowski and indeed, pregnant she was. We took an x-ray and there were four babies (look at the little bony spines in the x-ray). She also had been shot with a bb gun, there were a couple of pellets still lodged into her skin. It was late in the day, and we thought she was going to give birth in a few days.

However, when the Hoomans arrived the following morning; there were 4 beautiful healthy kittens!!  She was named Emma. She and her babies went to foster home with Mrs. B. Emma cared so much for her kittens, and she was doing well herself. Her babies are Dillon, Sylvester, Thelma, and Louise.

In the meantime, at the Adoption Center, 2 tiny kittens were being dropped off. They were only a few days old and from different litters. They were very fragile and needed a mom….Tadaaa! I got an idea…

I suggested to the manager to contact Mrs. B to see if Emma could nurse at least one of the babies. We were worried about a tiny kitten named “Giraffe” who was very small. Mrs. B showed him to Emma, at the beginning she was not interested but little by little by little by little the miracle happened…she took him in. Wow…. What a good momma Emma is and what smarty pants kitty I am.

What happened to the other kitten? She was a little older, bigger, and stronger. Mrs. B. bottle fed her, and eventually, she joined the litter. Her name is “little Hypo” and is doing fantastic.They all stayed with Mrs. B for about a month a half. Two weeks ago, they were brought to the Clinic to finish their vaccinations series, deworming, spay and neuter surgery.  Some of her kittens have been adopted already.

“Giraffe” is doing fantastic, he still a bit smaller and will be placed for adoption at the center soon. Emma still has a skittish personality, Mrs. B decided to keep her.

Awww.. this is a beautiful story just in time for Mother’s Day, makes me go puurrrr….💗  puurrrr…..💗  puurrrr…..💗

💐Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms and kitty Moms. 🐾You do so much for us!💐

Love, Shaebug