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Eddy now Ollie
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From Feral to Marshmallow in less than 24 hours!

This was Eddy, now Ollie.  He came to Cats Exclusive in the middle of the afternoon in a shoebox. A couple of very nice kids dropped him off at the adoption desk. I went to inspect and OH BOY!! Saw a tiny, little, skinny, ball of fur inside a towel. Little kitten was sooo scared. He was hissing, snarling, growling, spitting, all claws out. I saw him and allowed the Hooman to take care of this little spitfire.

He was placed in a foster home right away to help him get socialized and become an adoptable kitten. By nightfall, his foster mom reported him falling asleep on her chest. SUCCESS!! 👍 From Feral to Marshmallow in less than 24 hours, awwee…

Eddy stayed with his foster family where he was pampered to the max; until old enough to be admitted to Cats Exclusive, Inc Adoption Center. Two days after his arrival, a lovely young lady saw him and came back for him. Jeeez…I guess she fell for him… and the rest is history.


So now, our friend Ollie is happy in his new home and shares it with a friend dog🐶… ummmhhh…

(sights…) 😺Another cute like story that makes me go purr💗….., purr💗……, purr💗………






Eddy is another kitten that benefited from all your generous donations. It takes a considerable amount of resources (food, medications, litter, staff and volunteers ) to socialize and care for kittens like Eddy. Please consider making a donation.

Thanks for all your help!

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