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Leo and the nasal polyp

One sunny afternoon some Hooman came into the Adoption Center and left is such a haste! He just abandoned a small, sick kitten at our lobby without telling anybody and woke me up…How rude! 😾

This orange ball of fur had a severe Upper Respiratory Infection (URI). He was examined by Dr. Grabowski and placed on antibiotics and nebulization treatment. He would recover but then the symptoms will come back.

Cranial radiographs were taken and a thorough exam under sedation showed a small protuberance. Dr. Grabowski determined that it was a nasal polyp, however, more advanced equipment was needed to remove it. The polyp, a growth, was starting to block Leo’s airways. He was referred to Dr. Robin Holtsinger, a specialty surgeon who removed the large polyp using an endoscope and sending the mass out for biopsy.

Here is our friend Leo recovering from his surgery. His third eyelid is still up because the polyp was lodged into right nasopharyngeal fossa, also known as a small hole in his cranium close to his eye (I’m a know it all #lol). In a few days, it will be back to normal.

Leo is feeling much, much better. He is able to breathe 🙂 He is still recovering from surgery and soon will be going to his forever home.

Awwwwwwwee😺  Another job well-done by the Cats Exclusive’s team! 👍 Makes me want to go purrr 💗…purrr… 💗purrr …💗!!


Leo has been adopted!Leo

Here he is leaving the building with his new family. Best wishes to you in your new life Leo.