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This is Majesty!

Tuesday morning, busy morning at the Cats Exclusive veterinary clinic. It’s TNR day. We get a call from one of our rescuers. A sweet calico kitten at Broward Animal Care needs rescue and veterinary care urgently. She was run over by a car and had a broken leg. Our General Manager, Lory Chadwick and Dr. Kalissa Grabowski were able to secure a transport and funds for her care. Upon her arrival, a thorough exam was performed. Two-view radiographs were taken and showed a fractured femur. Dr. Grabowski assessed the fracture and determined that it can be repaired using Intramedullary pin technique to help the femur heal.

A couple of days later, Dr, Grabowski performed fracture repair surgery on Majesty. An intramedullary rod was inserted into on her femur. An intramedullary rod, also known as an intramedullary nail (IM nail) is a metal rod forced into the medullary cavity of a bone to stabilize and heal the bone.

Majesty and Dr, G. did great! Now our dear friend is resting comfortably at Cats Exclusive, Inc. She needs to be on cage rest for 6-8 weeks with little. In the meantime, inside Majesty’s surgical site; a callus full of osteocytes (bone-forming cells) is developing around the healing bones. In a few weeks, the surgical pin will be removed and hopefully, she will regain use of her leg. The surgery avoided the amputation of her leg.

We will keep you posted of her progress through our newsletter and Facebook page!

We have great news!!!  Majesty has been adopted. Her new family treats her like a Queen. She receives royal treatment… Of course; She is Majesty! #lol 😺.

Her Mom reports that she is doing awesome. Majesty is using her leg very well and is able to walk, run, play and cuddle just fine.

Awwww😻….another happy ending that makes me go 💗purrr….💗purrr….💗purrr

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