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Services for Dogs
For Dogs

Services for Dogs

Our services are not exclusively for cats; we offer them to our canine companions too!

We are only able to see small dogs that (25lbs or less). We offer spay/neuter surgeries, routine dental cleanings, and wellness visits. Canine appointment and surgeries are limited. Please call our office at 954-975-8349 and ask if we can accommodate your pet!

*All appointments and services must be scheduled. We are unable to attend walk-in appointments and/or veterinary emergencies.

Services & Prices for Dogs

  • Canine Spay Surgery (Female) $180 plus pain medication $15
  • Canine Neuter Surgery (Male) $140 plus pain medication $15
  • Rabies Vaccine (1 year) $10
  • Canine Nail Trim $16
  • 5-in-1 Distemper Vaccine $20
  • Bordetella Vaccine $20
  • E-collar $10
  • Heartworm Test $30
  • Iverhart PLUS Chewable Tablets (up to 25lbs) $25
  • Revolution (Flea Treatment) 5-10lbs $20
  • Revolution (Flea Treatment) 11-20lbs $21
  • Revolution (Flea Treatment) 21-40lbs $22
  • Microchip $25

Preparing for Surgery

  1. Do not feed your dog after 12 Midnight on the night before the surgery. Water is allowed overnight but it should be removed first thing in the morning.
  2. Print and complete patient forms for your pet and bring them with you. We can also provide forms when you arrive, but it might delay check in.
  3. Drop your dog off at our facility  between 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. on your appointment date
  4. Bring any vaccination records of your dog. Rabies vaccines are required by law. If the dog is already vaccinated, the owner is responsible for bringing a non-expired proof of rabies vaccination at the time of surgery. If the pet is not vaccinated, your pet is required to have a Rabies vaccination on the day of the surgery.
  5. If fleas are found on your dog, and an oral dose of Capstar will be given at an additional charge.

Download Neuter (Male) Surgery Form (PDF)Download Clinic Forms and Price List

Broward County Snip Program

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Rabies Tags

Cats Exclusive is complying with the Broward County Rabies Law, and we are in the process of carrying the rabies tags for our clients’ convenience. In the meantime, please visit to purchase your pet’s rabies tag.