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Cats Exclusive runs solely on your generous donations. Every week we use numerous towels, bags of cat litter, pounds of food, and various medications to keep our feline friends healthy and comfortable. 

There are numerous ways you can help support our organization!

Your Time...

If you have time on your hands and love in your heart, VOLUNTEER!
Visit our volunteer page for a description of activities and come by to fill out an application!

Your Change...

If you would love to help, but you just can't spare the time, we understand.
Please consider mailing or dropping off monetary donations to:

Cats Exclusive Inc.
6350 West Atlantic Blvd. Suite #1
Margate, FL 33063

If you can't volunteer and you can't even come by, but you still want to help,

Our new donation link takes just a few moments to bring the best comforts and necessities to our grateful cats.

Your Stuff...

If your kitties find themselves lucky enough to have more than they need and they agree to share, we always appreciate and need new or used items in good condition for our residents.

You can also donate right from your computer by clicking on our Amazon Wishlist below!

Hurricane Items Needed:
- Batteries
- Battery-powered Fans
- Battery-powered Lights/Flashlights
- Cat Litter
- Bottled Water
- Heavy-duty, Plastic Tarps

General Items Needed:
- Paper towels
- Pens
- Construction Paper (various colors)
- Sticky Notes
- Batteries (AA and D)
- Antibacterial hand soap
- Hand sanitizer
- Cleaning supplies (Windex, Odor Ban, Clorox, Laundry Detergent)

Adoption Center Items Needed: Clinic Items Needed:
- Towels (any sizes) - Havahart Animal Traps (3 needed)
- Dry/wet food (Adult & Kitten)
- Paper Towels - Pet scale (up to 30lbs)
- Dual-Level Cat Carriers  
- Scratching posts, cat toys **If you want to help, even just a 
- Laundry detergent (unscented)  little, earmark your donation for
- Cat Litter  the specific item you want to
- Medium Size Pet Scale  make sure we get.**

Please drop off any items at our shelter.

The kitties thank you!