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Application & Fees

To ensure all of our cats get the best, safest home, the application process may take from 1 to 2 days. We do not do same day adoptions. We know, a day can feel like forever when you are waiting for the newest addition to your family, but cats can live 15 years to slightly over 20 years, we require you to take that day to make sure its the best decision for everyone involved. To adopt a cat from Cats Exclusive, you must be at least 21 years of age and provide some form of identification (license or state ID). If you are 60 years of age or older and wish to adopt a kitten, you must have a co-applicant under 60 years old fill out an additional application form with the understanding that if you should no longer be able to care for the kitten, they would adopt the kitten from you. This age qualification does not apply if you wish to adopt an adult cat.

$100.00 - Kittens under 9 months
$75.00 - Cats 9 months and older
All cats and kittens are spayed/neutered, have tested negative for FIV/Leukemia and heartworm, and are kept up to date on their vaccines and Revolution.

What is included with your adoption:
- Veterinarian exam with our clinic 24 hours before they go home
- Medical records with a folder with coupons
- Kittens and cats up 13 years old, 30 days free of Trupanion pet insurance
- 10% off our doctor exam only for the first year after adoption

When they go home, all their nails are trimmed. Please ask for a demonstration if you are not familiar with trimming nails and we will be happy to show you. If you are considering de-clawing, please understand it is an amputation that not only removes the claws, but the digit up to the first joint. We do offer Soft Paws as an alternative for $20 for our adoption cats, saving you $5.

AKC CAR Microchips are available at a discounted price at $9.95 with adoptions! These microchips provide a lifetime pet identification protection.

*Some kittens may not be old enough to recieve all of their vaccines; once they leave the center, those vaccines are your responsibility.

Adoption Application and Deposit Guidelines:
- A “deposit” is defined as at least $20 in cash given to Cats Exclusive to hold a cat/kitten being considered for adoption for the 24-72 hour application process. (If the amount is paid in full in advance, that can be paid in cash or by credit card and act as a deposit.)
- A deposit is not valid unless there is an application on the applicable cat/kitten. If an incomplete application is given, you have until the end of business of the day of the deposit to provide the rest of the necessary information, or the deposit becomes invalid.
- A deposit holds a cat/kitten from being shown or adopted during the 24-72 hour typical time period it takes to process your application. The 24-72 hours does NOT include our closed business days.
- If the 24- 72 hour process takes longer due to incorrect or missing information on an application, a deposit becomes invalid and becomes NON-REFUNDABLE, up to $20. If the process takes longer due to Cats Exclusive’s busy schedule, a deposit’s time period extends through the process as necessary.
- A deposit goes toward the adoption fee of a cat/kitten, and is NON-REFUNDABLE for any amount $20 or less.
- If the application is approved, but the person decides not to take the cat/kitten for any reason other than his/her health, that deposit becomes non-refundable, up to $20, and acts as a donation to Cats Exclusive.
- If an application is denied, we DO NOT disclose the reason it has been denied, the entire deposit amount becomes NON-REFUNDABLE, up to $20. If deposit exceeded $20 or was paid for in full, a refund will be given, less the $20 non-refundable amount.
- If a deposit becomes invalid for any reason, the monies received as the deposit can still be put toward the adoption of any Cats Exclusive cat/kitten, but the originally held cat/kitten can be shown for adoption.
- An application with a deposit for a cat/kitten will always trump an application for the same cat/kitten without a deposit.

CLICK HERE to read our adoption guide!

Download and pre-fill your adoption application HERE!

Have questions? Please contact our adoption center at (954) 975-8349 or


Seniors, 65 years of age or older, can adopt a senior cat at a discounted rate for $50!
We know some seniors are living on a restricted budget that’s why we have come up with an idea to reduce the prices of cats we think would do best in a senior household – SENIOR CATS! Senior cats are amazing and need just as much love as kittens! The problem is they are constantly being over looked because of their age but what most are overlooking is; an adult cat’s personality is already formed, there are no surprises in your cat selection! If you are looking for a cat that loves to sit on your lap and be brushed – you should be looking at a SENIOR CAT! Senior cats want to be with you in a mellow and loving environment, where they can live the rest of their lives! Cats can live from 15 to 20 years! Senior cats are considered seven years or older, so adopting a cat that is seven years old means they can provide you with 13 years of love and attention!


$25 Discount when you adopt siblings!
Some of the kittens we bring into our shelter have had a rough life and they usually just started life! When they come into the shelter for the first time they are nervous and scared, having their sibling next to them brings them so much comfort! This is why we hate to split up siblings! They have been through so much in such a short period of time; often having siblings together makes transitioning to a new home much easier!

Black/Black & White Special!

$50 Discount when you adopt any two black and/or black & white kittens/cats!
Adopt any 2 (black) and/or (black & white) kittens for $150 or adults for $100! Savings of $50! All cats have been fixed, tested, vaccinated, de-wormed, and de-fleaed! Please visit our adoptable cats at our adoption center or website!

Incoming Cats

(Through appointment only; please call first)

$100 per cat
$75 per kitten with/without mother

We are a no-kill facility, when space runs out, it runs out. We do not put down cats we have to make space for new cats and we will not take in more than is healthy for our population. Space must be open for cats to be accepted into the Adoption Center.
Please consider contacting other no-kill facilities in the area or use to list the cat yourself to ensure the most efficient placement of the cat. If you do place the kitten yourself, we always recommend they be spay/neutered first, so that you are not adding to the population problem, and that you ask for a donation of at least $50. Unfortunately there are people that will take free cats for not so noble reasons, including dog fight training, snake food, profit when sold to researchers, etc.

If you found a bottle-feed kitten,
please click HERE to see how to take care of it.

If you cannot keep the kitten, the above will help you keep him/her/them alive until you can find a suitable spot. Keep the kitten(s) as warm as possible during the situation. We CANNOT foster bottle-feed kittens at this moment. Please try other, local no-kill rescues, and tell them you need a "lactating mother" or "bottle-feed foster."

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